Kevin Hart, Dave Franco Join Forces For Madden NFL 15 Rap Video

8-18-2014 3-20-27 PM

Funnyman Kevin Hart teamed up with pretty boy Dave Franco to promote Madden NFL 15: Madden Season in what may be one of the greatest video game commercials ever to grace television.

The clip begins with a big smack to the face as music starts up and an explanatory prologue plays in the background:

“Madden football season in America is a competitive time, an emotional time, an annual ritual that causes this man to put hands on this pretty face.”

In a successful attempt to get Franco riled up for the head-to-head Madden challenge, Hart follows the young actor and taunts him wherever he goes. As if getting hit in the face wasn’t enough, Franco’s girlfriend ends up leaving him for NBA star Damien Lillard.

NFL stars Colin Kaepernick and Richard Sherman appeared for cameos along with LeSean McCoy, Dez Bryant, Von Miller and Lillard.

Available now for pre-order, Madden NFL 15 is scheduled for release on August 26, 2014 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

Now, excuse us as we try to memorize all the words from the hilarious rap promo…

(Photo Credit: YouTube/ EA Sports)