Danity Kane Breaks Up Again, Releases Letter of Explanation

8-8-2014 3-28-16 PM

Danity Kane is no more… again.

The girl-group just can’t seem to get it together. After a recent altercation between band members Aubrey O’Day and Dawn Richard on Monday (Aug. 4), third member Shannon Bex released an open letter with Aubrey to explain the break-up to their fans.

The ladies wanted to clarify that the incident wasn’t a “catfight in the studio” like reports stated, but rather a “single direct punch” from Dawn to the back of Aubrey’s head while she was speaking with an associate.

“It breaks my heart that that violence is followed by no sign of remorse,” Aubrey stated in the letter, posted via Danity Kane’s Twitter account. “For the past year, I watched small lies turn into bigger lies. Those bigger lies turned into verbal abuse. Now the verbal abuse has deteriorated into a physical assault. I put what I knew was right second to what I knew I could handle for the sake of the big-picture success this incredibly talented group of women could have achieved together.”

The group recently released their lead single “Lemonade,” and embarked on the “No Filter” tour when they reunited in May of last year.

This isn’t the first time DK has come face to face with internal issues among the ladies. The original five members of the band disbanded in 2009, with four members reuniting in 2013. However, Aundrea Fumbres left the group almost immediately, leaving Shannon, Aubrey and Dawn behind.

Aubrey filed a battery report against Dawn. Cops are still investigating.

Although Danity Kane was almost finished with their new album, it’s unclear whether the finished product will ever be released.

Words before war? Read the WHOLE letter from Aubrey and Shannon below, and tell us what you think. 

(Photo by Chelsea Guglielmino/Getty Images)