LeBron James Strips Down, Throws Clothing To Fans in Taiwan


LeBron James will give his fans the clothes off of his back — literally.

During a Nike-sponsored tour of Asia, the NBA star took the stage in Taiwan with hundreds of cheering fans watching. As if his presence wasn’t enough for the crowd, those cheers got even louder once the Cleveland Cavalier slowly began to strip down to his undies.

First, the already shirtless baller threw his hat into the roaring crowd. Taking things a step further, he removed each of his shoes, signed them one by one, then threw them into the crowd. Finally, he pulled down his pants — leaving the 29-year-old  in only black underwear on stage– signed those and tossed them into the crowd as well.

Talk about giving!

Check out the video below:

(Photo Credit: Mike Coppola/Getty Images)