Whitney Houston Biopic: Sneak Peek of Yaya DaCosta in Lifetime Film


Despite the controversy, Lifetime and director Angela Bassett are moving forward with production for the television biopic of the late singing legend, Whitney Houston. As proof that the film is a go, Angela Bassett, star Yaya DaCosta and vocalist Deborah Cox did an exclusive behind-the-scenes interview with Entertainment Tonight.

For the first time, Yaya DaCosta is seen live in action as she takes on the role of Whitney Houston. And we must say, she makes a pretty convincing Whitney, making it obvious why she was chosen for the role.

The America’s Next Top Model alum seems to have studied the role and says she is staying away from the negativity.

“I kind of shut off all social media because I didn’t want to be distracted by the, you know, the expectations, you know the naysayers,” she said.

Some of the “naysayers” include Whitney’s daughter Bobbi Kristina who made it perfectly clear of her disapproval of the upcoming film and being denied the role of her mother through a very disrespectful Twitter rant.

During the interview, Bassett addressed how she felt about Bobbi Kristina’s Twitter rant against her with much class.

“I respect anyone’s feelings and truths. So I mean, I can understand it. I can understand it,” she said. “She adores her mother. And in this process, I lost my mother so I get it. And I love Bobbi Kristina.”

As for the controversy surrounding the film, she said, “With great opportunity there will be criticism, so you learn to expect that but you what you don’t need is to be going out looking for naysayers. You know, you have a job to do.”

The film is expected to premiere early 2015.

Watch the interview below!

(Photo Credit: Entertainment Tonight)