Campaign Aims To Reveal Demographics Of Employees At Twitter


Civil rights activists are launching a campaign that will force Twitter to publicly release the gender and demographic breakdown of its employees, and they are doing so by asking people to “tweet out” their thoughts on Twitter.

Rev. Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition teamed up with civil rights organization, saying they will use Twitter to host a public forum that will force Twitter to share how they plan to increase the diversity of its work force.

ColorOfChange also encourages 1 million members to sign a petition online that will represent their voices in the campaign fighting for diversity.

According to a 2013 Pew Research Center study, Twitter is especially popular among blacks. It has cultivated more than a quarter of the users on Twitter, making the rate of black users on the social media site higher than any other ethnic group.

Others who have released demographic details regarding their company’s employees displayed a lack of diversity. A few of these include Facebook, LinkedIn and Yahoo with pending releases from Apple and Pandora.

To read more about the campaign waging equality on Twitter, click HERE.

(Photo Credit: Thinkstock/ rvlsoft)