Whitney Houston Biopic Introduces Arlen Escarpeta As Bobby Brown

7-15-2014 3-11-57 PM

Presenting to you….. Bobby Brown! Well, Arlen Escarpeta, who will be playing alongside YaYa DaCosta as Whitney’s Houston’s lover.

With the Lifetime production of Houston’s forthcoming biopic in the making, cast pics are slowly beginning to surface around the internet… and the latest inside scoop?  The feature will chronicle Houston’s rise to fame with much of it focusing on her tumultuous relationship with Brown. The married couple of nearly 15 years ended their relationship with divorce in 2007.

Escarpeta played a various roles throughout his acting career, but this next gig may prove to be his most challenging one yet.

The actor posed with the former America’s Next Top Model contestant as he donned a black tank-top over a pair of baggy blue jeans and a high top fade much like a younger Bobby. Yaya’s hair was styled in wavy curls with dark eye shadow, heavy eyeliners and a stick of glossy red lipstick.

What do you think about casting Alen Escarpeta as Bobby Brown? Do you think he’s up for it? Tell us your thoughts below!

(Photo Credit: Gettyimages/Jack Zeman / Lifetime 2014)