Halle Berry and Jimmy Fallon Make a Human Hamster Wheel


Halle Berry and Jimmy Fallon set out to show the world how they roll on Tuesday’s taping of The Tonight Show.. and they did that in a literal sense.

The gorgeous 47-year-old and the host formed a human hamster wheel and rolled through The Tonight Show studio on a tumbling mat.

Fallon, 39, started off the skit by asking: ‘Halle, should we show them how we roll?’

After Halle agreed, she removed her shoes and the two stepped onto a gymnastic mat with Fallon laying flat on his back as he held Halle’s ankles.

“I’m not going to peek,” the host promised Halle who was wearing a dress, “I’m not going to look.”

Moments later he playfully admitted, “Alright, alright, I peeked… I looked a little.”

The two went on to complete five forward rolls. They ended the skit with hugs and laughter.

Watch “This Is How We Roll” below!