Sherri Shepherd Refuses Parental Rights To Unborn Surrogate Baby

7-7-2014 12-25-51 PM

Co-host of ABC’s daytime talk show The View, Sherri Shepherd, no longer wants any ties to her unborn surrogate baby, who will be born later this month.

Shepherd believes her husband, Lamar Sally, intentionally defrauded her into having a child with him with plans to divorce her, leaving the TV personality with massive child support payments.

Sources close to Sally say Shepherd tried to get pregnantthrough in vitro, but when it didn’t work, became deeply involved with the surrogacy process. Now, Shepherd wants a judge to rule that she “has no parental rights or responsibilities” for the child, shutting the door for potential child support claims.

Both parties filed documents in different states, but this wasn’t a coincidence and was done with much thought.

Sally filed the legal documents to end the couple’s marriage in California and Shepherd filed for divorce in New Jersey, where courts generally do not recognize surrogacy agreements.

(Photo by Donna Ward/Getty Images)