Venus Williams Bares All For Annual ESPN “Body Issue”

6-24-2014 2-34-24 PM

Venus Williams may have slowed down her Grand Slam Championship titles, but the 34-year-old still wins big by the looks of her champion body for the sixth annual ESPN The Magazine “Body Issue.”

In addition to the reader getting a close-up view of Williams posing nude, the tennis pro will discuss her struggles with Sjogren’s syndrome, an autoimmune disorder that forced her to take a six-month hiatus from the sport in 2011-2012.

“At my worst point, I wasn’t able to play tennis at all,” Williams told ESPN. “Just the whole quality of my life was compromised… You have to accept that you’re never going to be 100%.”

The syndrome leaves Williams fatigued and forces her to make concessions in training.

“Because of Sjgren’s syndrome, I have to be careful,” she said. “If I train too hard then I won’t be able to do anything the next day. There would be times when I’d park my car at home, and I fell asleep behind the wheel because I was so tired! It’s a balance between pushing myself as much as I can and being reasonable about what I can achieve and what my body will tolerate.”

The picture was released the same day ESPN began its widespread coverage of Wimbledon. Venus was prominent in Monday’s telecast when she won her first-round match against Maria Teres Torro-Flor with three straight sets.

Williams’ appearance in the Body Issue comes five years after her sister, Serena Williams, was featured on the 2009 cover.

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(Photo credit: ESPN)

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