Alicia Keys, Jennifer Garner and More Appear in Let Girls Learn PSA


Dozens of familiar faces in entertainment are joining a U.S. government effort to support girls’ education around the globe.

Alicia Keys, Tyler Perry, Shonda Rhimes, Nick Cannon, Jennifer Garner and pro basketball player DeAndre Jordan are among the stars participating in a movement that emphasizes the importance of education for girls worldwide in an online PSA for the new “Let Girls Learn” initiative that premiered Friday (June 20).

Let Girls Learn is a new effort by the United States Government, and led by USAID, to provide the public with meaningful ways to help all girls get a quality education. The stars involved were moved to join the movement to bring to light the great and sometimes dangerous lengths girls have to go to for their education.

“In Nigeria, hundreds of young girls were kidnapped as they prepared for their final exams at boarding school,” Garner says in the two-minute video.

”Modern Family” star Julie Bowen adds: “A threat to girls’ education anywhere is a threat to progress everywhere.”

Around the world 62 million girls are not in school and millions more are fighting to stay there, notes the video.

“All around the world, people want to change the injustices but often times don’t know exactly what they can do about it,” Keys said in a statement. “I really wanted to participate in this (video) because empowering women changes the course of our world.”

As a part of the cause, the USAID is providing $231.6 million for educational programs in Nigeria, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Jordan and Guatemala.

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Watch the PSA below.

(Photo Credit: YouTube)