Business Sales Increase Through Instagram Advertising


Advertising and promotions can get costly quickly, but by utilizing social media strategies, customers and sales can skyrocket within a budget.

The co-owner of Limelight Extensions Salon, Miranda Jade Plater, shares photos of her work and products through Instagram for fans and followers to see. Potential customers call the number listed in the photo-sharing app to book appointments or ask questions regarding the pictures that caught their attention.

“Without Instagram I couldn’t tell you where we would be right now,” she said.

Plater posted a photo of her wearing long, black and curly hair extensions with bright orange tips, and has generated nearly $10,000 in sales within two months. There are also other ways of raising awareness. For example, Plater pays local models and reality show stars to promote the company through their accounts by posting pictures of them wearing the extensions with a link traced back to the Limelight Extensions’ Instagram account.

A new trend that has been booming, and has also been an extremely cost-efficient way of promoting is the use of hashtags. The right hashtag can attract customers from all over the world. Companies can also use hashtags to reach out to customers and build brand loyalty by acknowledging pictures posted by fans and reposting them onto the company page.

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(Photo: Paul Sancya/AP)