Yahoo Discloses Diversity Numbers In Workforce Demographics

6-18-2014 2-46-31 PM

Yahoo joined LinkedIn and Google in giving the public some insight on the demographics of its employees… and the results reveal a stark lack of diversity.

Although Yahoo is run by a woman and another former Google executive, women in the workforce comprise only 37% of the employment team. As for racial diversity, 50% of Yahoo’s workforce are white, 39% are Asian, 4% are Hispanic, 2% are black and 4% are undisclosed or have more than one race.

Google opened the doors of the gender and racial breakdown of employees by disclosing numbers that show that these work forces are about 90% White or Asian. LinkedIn also revealed its diversity figures, which were very similar to those released by Yahoo and Google.

Yahoo responded to the data announcements in a blog post from the Chief Development Officer, Jackie Reses, saying:

 6-18-2014 3-01-41 PM

It’s still a far cry from “we can do better,” but the fact that Yahoo and Google felt pressured to share these numbers seems like a step in the right direction.

(Photo Credit: Yahoo)