Beyoncé and Jay Z’s ‘On The Run’ Tour Ticket Sales Moving Slow


Last month, Beyoncé and Jay Z released a star-studded promo for their upcoming “On The Run” stadium tour, leaving fans super excited to see the power couple together on tour.

Although it seems like fans would be jumping at the chance to see the husband-wife duo together, ticket sales say otherwise.

According to Ticketmaster sales, the concert has yet to sell out in major cities including Miami, Atlanta and New Jersey.

A RadarOnline source attributes the poor sales to “their personal lives and a lack of airplay on the radio could be contributing.”

Possible, but the high ticket prices could play a significant factor in the poor sales as well. Ticketmaster prices range from $1,095 for front row seats to $85 for nosebleed seats.

Too much?

In what seems to be an attempt to speed up ticket sales, the  couple has released another promo video. The 30-second clip was released last week.

The “On the Run” Tour kicks-off Wednesday, June 25, at the Sun Life Stadium in Miami, FL.