Grand Debut For ’22 Jump Street’ Soars In Box Office Numbers

6-16-2014 3-49-43 PM

In the summertime battle of sequels, the R-rated comedy 22 Jump Street, made its grand debut and dominated its competition How To Train Your Dragon 2 with $60 million in the opening weekend.

The dynamic pair of kooky cops increased points from 79,925 tweets on Wednesday to 81,419 tweets today in comparison to only 1.698 tweets the Wednesday before How To Train Your Dragon 2 released.

On the other hand, The Fault In Our Stars and Maleficent command huge numbers of tweets every day, despite their dwindling box office numbers. However, 22 Jump Street is the first R-rated comedy to have shown significant numbers… even over Hangover II.

 6-16-2014 3-24-56 PM

The comedy sequel follows undercover cops Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill as they make their way through a local college. Their assignment is to solve yet another drug case under the command of returning supervisor, Ice Cube. The duo takes advantage of living the college experience with spring break madness to guns and explosions in pursuit of their mission.

Check out the trailer for Red Band’s 22 Jump Street (Explicit) below!

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