Justin Bieber Issues Apology For Racist Joke


Justin Bieber is apologizing for his behavior after a video has surfaced in which he old a racist joke and used the “n-word.”

“Thanks to friends and family I learned from my mistakes and grew up and apologized for those wrongs. Now that these mistakes from the past have become public I need to apologize again to all those I have offended,” he says in his official statement to the Associated Press.

Justin continues, “I’m very sorry. I take my friendships with people of all cultures very seriously and I apologize for offending or hurting anyone with my childish and inexcusable mistake. I was a kid then and I am a man now who knows my responsibility to the world and to not make that mistake again.”

In the statement, he points out that “Ignorance has no place in our society and I hope the sharing of my faults can prevent others from making the same mistake in the future. I thought long and hard about what I wanted to say but telling the truth is always what’s right.”

Justin ends the statement by saying, “Five years ago I made a reckless and immature mistake and I’m grateful to those close to me who helped me learn those lessons as a young man. Once again….I’m sorry.”

Since the release of the video, friends of the 20-year-old  have come to his defense, saying he is not racist.

The pop singer’s champion boxing bud, Floyd Mayweather, Jr., made a statement on his behalf via social media.

“Justin has been nothing but kind to me, my daughters and sons over the years.” said Mayweather. “We all make mistakes when we are young, it’s part of growing up.”

Bieber’s ex-bodyguard also came to his aide stating, “As a black man I am telling the world that @justinbieber is not a racist.” says Kenny. Adding, “I have known him since he was 12 years old and I know his heart.”

The video is the latest controversy for the singer who once had a wholesome image. Recently, he has been involved in numerous brushes with the law. The video was taken during the early stages of his career.

Watch the footage below.

Do you think Justin Bieber’s racist joke was harmless or a big deal?

(Photo Credit: Instagram/Justin Bieber)