Donald Sterling Sued By Another Alleged Ex-Mistress

6-3-2014 1-42-15 PM

Another alleged mistress launched a suit against the disgraced Los Angeles Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, saying the 80-year-old crossed the foul line with racist remarks. She claims to have faced a “steady stream of racially and sexually offensive comments,” during both their claimed relationship from 2005 to 2011 and her employment as his personal assistant and caretaker.

Maiko Maya King says Sterling made racial remarks, such as, “How could you be married to a black man?” and “Why would you bring black people into the world?” The comments were made in reference to her African-American husband and the children she has with him. Needless to say, the affair ended the marriage with a divorce in 2009.

“I don’t like the man,” said King’s ex-husband, Wayne King.  “She told me all the racist things he said, but he had billions and I was just a stunt man. He broke up my marriage.” In broader terms, the lawsuit claimed Sterling told King that “black people do not take care of their children. All they do is sit at home and smoke dope.”

Maiko King made further claims stating Sterling “dangled money only if she would have sex with him,” and would withhold wages when she refused. He would give her bonuses if she could “help him perform sexually,” whether it be through sexual demands or verbal stories of her past sexual encounters in order to arouse him.

After protesting in May of 2014, Sterling allegedly fired King from her position.

The lawsuit seeks compensatory damages for continued pain, mental suffering and extreme anguish. This lawsuit comes amidst Sterling continuing to fight for the sale of his team after receiving a lifetime ban from the NBA.

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According to King’s filing, Sterling told her he was bored sexually with his other assistant, V. Stiviano (left).