Future and Kanye West Release ‘I Won’ Video Game


Future and Kanye West’s “I Won” single has been climbing the charts and now the song has inspired a video game.

In the game, both rappers sit in beach chairs as bikini-clad women walk by. The players are to toss chains at the women who then become “your trophy” if the chains hit them.

Though the game may have been created with no ill intent, several have criticized Future and Kanye for the nature of the game.

“When Future and Kanye West released ‘I Won’ back in April, Future said the song was intended to be ‘uplifting’ for women,” Huffington Post says. “That warranted a conversation about an inter-sectional understanding of marriage. The horrifyingly sexist video game that Future released this week as a companion to the song? That really only warrants a conversation about the next available time you can take a shower. Behold, the 8-bit version of objectification, in which players attempt to acquire a trophy wife, by chucking gold chains at bikini-clad women, turning them into literal trophies.”

Gigwise also critiqued the game.

I Won saw Future and Kanye boast about how attractive their respective spouses – Ciara and Kim Kardashian – are, calling them ‘trophies,'” the publication says. “Now, you too can turn grown adult women into inanimate objects with the ‘I Won’ video game! To gain points, carelessly toss chains at bikini-clad women as they saunter across the beach, and turn them into a gold cup. Brilliant. Play it below, if you really hate yourself/women that much.”

Click here to play “I Won” and tell us your thoughts!

(Photo Credit: “I Won” Video Game)