Watch: Homeless Man In Viral Lottery Video Gets A Home


More than two months ago a video went viral of a homeless lottery winner, and now the creator of the video, Magic of Rahat, and the homeless man are back with another tear jerking moment.

In the last video, a homeless man named Eric was “tricked” into believing he won the lottery for $1,000. Given his situation you would think he would want to keep the cash for himself, but instead he offered to share the money.

“This right here is enough for me. I would like to share it with you big guy,” he said as he handed about half to Rahat.

The man’s selfless act went viral leading to an outpouring of community support and an online donation fund was set up to help Eric.

In only 17 days $44,000 was raised for Eric.

The money raised will be used to pay rent in Eric’s home for at least a year and other expenses including furniture, food, clothing and bills. Also, there’s a joint bank account setup to help Eric start his new life.

Acts of kindness like this really warm our hearts.

Watch the heart felt moment below.

(Photo Credit: YouTube)