LOL: Kevin Hart Embarks On New “Music Career” With “Hart Beats” Debut

4-16-2014 1-30-57 PM

For the most part, entertainment crossovers don’t work out. In celebration of the Blu-ray and DVD release of Ride Along with co-star Ice Cube, CollegeHumor teamed up with funnyman Kevin Hart to attempt kicking-off his R&B career – or lack thereof.

We know he’s a hilarious jokester and a movie star, but now he’s taking on the industry of music by surprise with an album titled “Hart Beats.” The mock debut album features tracks like “Hepatitis C Yourself Out of My Life,” “Sorry I Called You the Wrong Name,” “Adult Braces Girl” and more. Even if these ridiculous tracks were real, it’s almost guaranteed that you wouldn’t want to listen to them anyway.

Check out the sneak peak exclusive for yourself…. And try not to cringe in the process – Enjoy!