Holograms Of Janelle Monáe And M.I.A Perform On Opposite Coasts

Audi A3 Launch Party

Audi celebrated their launch of the A3 model with a bi-coastal duet by Janelle Monáe and M.I.A and their holograms. The singers shared the stage during separate concerts with 3-D projections Thursday night. Monáe performed on the West Coast while M.I.A performed in New York. The duet required technology more advanced than the 3-D projections and video mapping of Tupac’s hologram debut at the annual Coachella Music Festival in 2012.

“I wish I were in the audience because I’m sure it looked cooler from the audience, but it felt great,” Monáe said after her Quixote Studios’ hologram performance. “I felt M.I.A.’s spirit up there.”

Although the singers were in different locations for their performances, they met in person to help create the holograms. However, Monáe and M.I.A. only saw the final results for the first time onstage. Monáe’s hologram appeared to dance and sing a verse of M.I.A.’s “Bad Girls,” and at times was bathed in colored lights. Although both artists saw one another’s holograms during their concert, they still had not seen their own. M.I.A is on tour in support of her album “Matangi,” while Monáe is doing the same for her album “Electric Lady” released last fall.

(Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Audi)