Georgia School District Hosts First Official Integrated Prom

4-2-2014 12-32-34 PM

A Georgia school district held its first racially integrated prom after four best friends – two black girls and two white girls – organized the prom.

Up until now, Wilcox County High School designated parents to plan the school’s white-only and black-only events since the school first integrated in the 1970s. Last year, a group of students organized a prom for students of all colors, although the school did not officially hold the event. The 400-student school was under scrutiny after a student-led campaign publicly protested the long-standing segregated traditions in 2013, collecting almost 30,000 likes on their Facebook page and receiving volunteer offers and donations for the event fees.

“Love really has no color, and I want everybody to know that if you stand up for something you believe in, only positive things can come from it,” said Mareshia Rucker, one of the 2013 prom organizers. A group of students put together a prom for students of all color last year, but the school did not officially hold the prom although students raised money for the event via social media.

While the school took a step forward by hosting its  first interracial prom, students do not feel that everyone was as supportive.

“I’m absolutely sure that there are teachers that are still in the system right now that are at my school and they still don’t want an integrated prom,” Rucker said. At least we know Wilcox County is headed in the right direction.