Mama Joyce Confronts Todd Tucker On ‘The View’


Mama Joyce has made it clear more than enough times that she is not a fan of her daughter Kandi Burruss’ fiancé Todd Tucker. Today Mama Joyce and the soon-to-be wed couple appeared on The View and things got a little heated.

In the interview, Mama Joyce did not make it through the first question with out giving a low blow to Todd.

“ say he has a what?” she said in response to the comment that Todd has a great job and seemed to be a decent guy.

She then went on to explain why she began to have an issue with him even though she says  he “seems like a very nice person and when I met him he seemed like a very nice person.”

“I have a problem with after his first job, which was doing the Kim and Kroy wedding, he took like two months off,”she stated. “Now I come from a family of men that worked. I had a problem with that. Also he said that he was using part of his savings and when you’re already to me stepping up I felt like you don’t need part of your savings to take two months off. That’s just my part.”

Clearly fed up with Mama Joyce, Whoopi Goldberg blatantly asks, “You have a man in your life, right? Is she up in your business?” to which the mother responds, “No.”

Whoopi continued: “You and I are minutes apart in terms of age. We don’t have time for this mess! Let her make the mistake if she’s going to make a mistake.”

The crowd applauded in agreement.

After a little more ranting by Mama Joyce, her future son-in-law finally had a chance to speak and the first thing he addressed was taking two months off.

“When me and Kandi fell in love and we were like ‘we’re going to move forward with this relationship’ I had to give up my job. So I gave up my job,” he says.

He goes on to explain how being in a relationship with Kandi and working for the show was a conflict of interest, which was why he had to quit Real Housewives of Atlanta. The company allowed him to work Kim and Kroy’s show and after it was over, he was at out of work for the first time ever.

“We didn’t want to do the traveling thing so it did take a little longer for me to find work,” he explains. “In the midst of that I started my own production company and I just got a show that was green lit two days ago so I’ve been working.”

Kandi sat by in silence for most of the interview, but when she did speak she became emotional.

“It is very frustrating because it’s like I love my mother to death and I do feel  like my mother has done a lot raising me or whatever,” she begins. “I do feel like, mom, you had kids too when you were dating and on the dating scene. Your mother didn’t interfere with your relationships.”

She continued: “I just feel like you just treat me like I am just so stupid and I have no sense of responsibility and I don’t think that’s fair.”

The interview ends with Mama Joyce attempting to defend her actions again, but they run out of time.

With the wedding happening on April 4, we hope things get better for them because it is clearly tearing Kandi apart.

(Photo Credit:  Brad Barket/Getty Images for VH1 and Bravo)