NEW SONG: Trey Songz ‘Smart Phones’


Trey Songz is back with a new song and he is here to testify that butt dialing can get you in a lot of trouble with your significant other.

While the R&B crooner’s  single “Na Na” has been climbing the charts, Trey decides to slow things down with a new track entitled “Smart Phones.”

In the song, the singer finds himself in a sticky situation when he gets caught cheating by accidentally dialing his girlfriend’s phone.

He sings:

She picks up the phone
And in my head I know I’m wrong
I just wanna know what she’s heard
I’m pacing back and forth
Cause I know I’ve been caught
Trying to think of the perfect words
So I can come to her and lie right to her face
I don’t know what I’m gonna say
But I know that I’m gonna say whatever it takes

The song is set to appear on Trey Songz’ forthcoming album Trigga, due out this summer.

Listen to Trey Songz “Smart Phone” below!