Chris Brown Ordered To Remain In Jail


Chris Brown was ordered by a judge on Monday to spend another month in jail after the singer made troubling comments in rehab about being good at using guns and knives, according to the Associated Press.

Brown, 24, was arrested on Friday after being thrown out of a court-ordered drug rehab program at a Malibu facility. The singer was receiving treatment for anger management, substance abuse and issues related to bipolar disorder.

Superior Court Judge James R. Brandlin said rehab officials reported to him that Brown made an inappropriate response during an exercise in which he was  asked to reflect on things he was good or excelled at. His response to the question was:  “I am good at using guns and knives.”

The facility also cited three other violations of its rules, claiming Brown refused to take a drug test, made a statement that alarmed rehab officials, and was seen touching the elbow of a female client. His attorney Mark Geragos said that despite initially resisting the drug test, his client eventually took it and passed.

Geragos’ request that Brown be released to a different rehab program was rejected by Brandlin. The judge ordered that the Grammy-winning artist remain in jail until he is scheduled to appear in court on April 23 for a probation violation hearing.

The defense attorney argued unsuccessfully for Brown’s release from custody stating that it would be a waste of law enforcement and court resources and could create problems for the singer’s April 17 trial in Washington, D.C., on a misdemeanor assault charge.

“You know—do you have a bad day? I have bad days sometimes,” Geragos told AP outside the courthouse. “Do you say things you’d like to take back? I certainly do. So I don’t know that being in a therapeutic session and you’re talking about your reflections and you say one sentence means you go to jail? Seems to me to be counterproductive to therapy.”

Brown has been under court supervision since pleading guilty to felony assault the 2009 for the beating of then girlfriend Rihanna.

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(Photo Credit: Lucy Nicholson-Pool\Getty Images)