“Key & Peele” Extended With Animation Spin-Off Series Underway

3-12-2014 1-56-43 PM

Comedy Central announced that they will be bringing Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele back for a fourth season of “Key & Peele.” The new series will have 22 original episodes, including two best-of installments filled with the duo’s humor. The show’s last season, which concluded in December, raked in an average of 2 million viewers.

Additionally, Key and Peele are given a developmental deal for an animated spin-off based on their characters “Vandaveon & Mike” from YouTube. The stars used the Vandaveon Huggins and Mike Taylor as their alter-egos to provide commentary and critiques of their own show. The animated series will feature the 12-year-old boys as hall monitors that must navigate their way through middle school.

“Keegan and Jordan keep generating such a limitless supply of funny, inventive sketches, I’m starting to think they are not only ½ black and ½ white, but also ¾ alien,” said Comedy Central’s president, Kent Alterman.