Oprah Winfrey Tells Lindsay Lohan To “Cut The Bullsh**” On Her Show

3-5-2014 11-40-58 AM

Oprah had a sit-down with Lindsay Lohan on her show last August, and decided to shoot an “honest, no-holds-barred account” and “an intimate, unflinching look” at the 27-year-old’s life after rehab.

However, the first trailer for the docuseries showed the struggle of filming with the starlet rather than shining a new light on her “transformed” image. Although her voice is heard assuring the audience that alcohol no longer has control of her life, Lohan’s sober coach doesn’t seem to agree.

The series that was meant to capture the struggling star’s reformed qualities instead turned into showing the struggles of filming the show itself. At the end of it all, a fed-up Oprah is seen telling Lohan to “cut the bullsh**.” Yikes! It’s the trailer’s most gripping moment. Watch the drama unfold in the trailer below!

You can watch the eight-episode docuseries premiere on Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network this Sunday, March 9.