Michael B. Jordan Set to Star in Fantastic Four Reboot


The cast of the highly anticipated reboot of the Fantastic Four film franchise has been announced!

After script rewrites and a long casting process, Fox seems to be in the final negotiations for the cast. It was previously revealed that Michael B. Jordan will be starring as Johnny Storm/The Human Torch and according to multiple reports the Fruitvale Station star will be joined by Kate Mara, Jamie Bell and Miles Teller.

Mara recently finalized a deal to play Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman. Bell is expected to play Ben Grimm/The Thing and Teller has been offered the role of  Reid Richards/Mr. Fantastic.

This is Fox’s second round of making a Fantastic Four franchise. The first round, which consisted of two movies, released in 2005 and 2007, and saw Ioan Gruffudd play Richards, Jessica Alba as Sue Storm/Invisible Girl, Chris Evans as the Johnny Storm and Michael Chiklis as Grimm.

The new cast may be young stars, but the comic based film seems to have chosen wisely for the superhero quartet. Jordan crated lots of Oscar buzz for his role in the critically acclaimed film Fruitvale Station. Mara has status due to co-starring in House of Cards. Bell is a star of Nymphomaniac and Teller’s stardom is on the rise.

The movie has been in development since 2009 and will be based on based on the Ultimate Fantastic Four comic. The reboot is to be directed by Josh Trank will direct, who directed Jordan in the 2012 film Chronicle  and Simon Kinberg was hired in November  to polish the script.

Looks like the future of the comic franchise is in good hands.

The Fantastic Four is scheduled to hit theaters on June 19, 2015.

(Photo Credit: Mark Davis/Getty Images for SBIFF)