LeBron James Doesn’t Plan On Leaving Miami

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King James second free agency option is this July. So is he leaving the Heat? According to CBCSports.com, in an interview with NBATV James said that he “can’t” imagine leaving:

“At this point, I can’t,” James said. “At this point, I can’t. We don’t know what can happen from now to July, so what I’ve been able to do this whole season to this point is just worry about what’s at hand and that’s winning another championship. And hopefully at the end of this year I can put myself in a position where I can hold that Larry O’Brien Trophy up once again and then I will assess what I have to do with my future after that.”

When you really think about it, are any other teams as good as Miami? If you take into the money, a move would require to get James on a team like the Knicks or Lakers, who already spent a fortune on Kobe Bryant. Miami is still looking like the better option.

But like LeBron said, there’s a lot of time between now and JulyAnything can happen, but we highly doubt he’s taking is talents from South Beach.

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