Kanye West’s “Red October” Nikes Sold At Insane Prices On Ebay


Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West may have departed from Nike to sign a new sneaker deal with Adidas, but his long-awaited Nike air Yeezy II sneakers were still lined up for release.

This weekend, Nike released the “Red October” sneakers with no forewarning and Nike tweeted a purchase link to their online store on Feb. 9 at 1 p.m. EST.

However, that single tweet proved to be enough. The shoes retailed at $245 sold out within 11 mins!

Those who didn’t miss out of the original sale are selling  them on eBay with asking prices as high as $15,000.

That may seem like a hefty price, but Yeezus’ original Air Yeezy  2s reached prices as high as $90,000 on eBay in 2012.

The delayed “Red October ” sneakers were first seen in one of Kanye’s  fiancée Kim Kardashian’s Instagram posts last year and Kanye has been wearing them since last May, but fans have had to wait for the widespread release.

The “Red October” is the final, limited-edition collaboration between the “Mercy” rapper and Nike Brand. Kanye severed ties with the sportswear giant last year after he was refused royalties.