‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Drama Continues


The ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ returned last night to pick up where they left off in part two of “Pillow Talk.”

Following the fight between Apollo Nida and Kenya Moore’s friend, Brandon DeShazer, in the previous episode, another fight broke out after Kandi Burress’ attempts to address an issue about people speaking negatively of her fiancé.

“You had some things to say about [my fiancé] Todd I didn’t think was cool,” Burruss, 37, said, referencing remarks Christopher Williams’s wife, Natalie, had made about Tucker being an opportunist.

Natalie says she never used the word “opportunist”, but she did say that Todd tries to further himself in any way possible. In other words, she described him as an opportunist without using the word.

While Kandi is clearly irritated by the conversation, what happens next is what leads to the blow up. Cynthia finds it necessary to explain the conversation since she was the one who passed the gossip in the first place. She tries to defend herself by saying Kandi is only focusing on the negative comments when there was nice things said about Todd as well.

As she is explaining, she gets louder, her hands are moving more and she invades Kandi’s personal space. An already irritated Kandi gets upset. Then Cynthia’s husband Peter shows up and makes matters worse by approaching Kandi and Todd in a less than friendly way. (“You don’t walk up on a woman like that, like you checking me,” Kandi said later.)

With the argument quickly escalating, Peter and Todd get in each other’s face. When Peter is too close Todd pushes him back. The cast scrambles to break things up before fight number two starts, but Cynthia’ sister Malorie makes a point to push both Todd and Kandi which completely sets Kandi off.

“Don’t grab me!!” Kandi yells as the cast pulls her away from Malorie, but that did not stop her from making threats across the room as she yelled, “I’m going to f— you up!” and “I will drag you in this b—-!!”

Kandi  finally leaves the room and Phaedra tries to calm her down.

Later in the episode,  Kandi apologized for her actions.

Also in the same episode, Brandon DeShazer shows the damage from his fight with Apollo: a black eye, swollen jaw and cracked rib.

“This is what I do know,” he told Moore, showing her the police report. “I hold all of the cards. He cracked my rib. It’s automatic felony. What I keep thinking about is [their children].

The drama returns next Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

Watch the video below.