RadioShack Produces ’80s Throwback For Super Bowl Commercial

2-3-2014 4-28-26 PM

RadioShack landed a commercial spot during the Super Bowl, which brought the 80’sinto our living rooms Sunday night.

Hulk Hogan, ALF, Kid N’ Play and many more were seen ransacking a dowdy RadioShack of its VCRs, fax machines and boom boxes. This catastrophe was preceded by a phone call with the ad tagline — “The ‘80s Called: They Want Their Store Back.”

The brand humorously deprecated themselves after struggling with its reputation of having an outdated retail model and withering stocks. At the end of the ad, there is a glimpse of a surprisingly spacious and modern RadioShack location displaying fancy products from Samsung and Beats headphones.

It almost seems like a promise of good things to come for RadioShack.

Check out the funny commercial below!