Laurence Fishburne Channels Morpheus For Kia K900 Super Bowl Commercial


Laurence Fishburne has dusted off his iconic Matrix leather coat and mirrored sunglasses to appear as his character Morpheus in Kia Motors ad that will be shown at this year’s Super Bowl.

Kia posted a 16-second teaser for the ad online last week. On Tuesday, Korean automaker returned with a 90-second video that promotes their new K900 luxury sedan.

The ad starts with a couple looking for valet to get back to their car. The pair is met by Morpheus who prompts them to make the ultimate decision.

“Take the blue key and go back to the luxury you know. Take the red key and you’ll never look at luxury the same again,” says Fishburne, in character, while mimicking his lines from the Matrix franchise.

After the proposition, the man, of course, snatches the red key and he and his girlfriend get into the car.

The video ends with an unexpected twist, but what else would you expect from a Super Bowl Ad?

Check out the teaser and full commercial below!