Nicki Minaj Blasts ESPN Magazine For Retouching Her Photos

1-24-2014 2-06-20 PM

Nicki Minaj slammed ESPN’s magazine after they photoshopped her image with Kobe Bryant on its latest cover.

The 31-year-old singer posted the magazine’s music issue on her Instagram with the caption “when retouching goes wrong.” Minaj claims her forehead was elongated, among other corrective offenses. She followed the post with multiple candid shots from the photo shoot for her fans to compare with the allegedly retouched ESPN cover. Her caption read:

1-24-2014 2-08-06 PM

Although the changes are relatively subtle, fans weighed in with responses that ranged from upset to dismissive. The pictures are taken from different angles, so it’s a little difficult to compare, but check out the untouched photos below and tell us what you think!

1-24-2014 1-40-32 PM

1-24-2014 2-07-31 PM