Wiz Khalifa And A$AP Rocky Host Head-to-Head Rap Battle In Melbourne

1-6-2014 2-55-29 PM

Rapper Wiz Khalifa announced he would be co-headlining his inaugural Australian appearance in a one-off tour date with a fellow contemporary rapper, A$AP Rocky. The two went head-to-head in a rap bout at Festival Hall in Melbourne on Saturday, Jan. 4, where they both opted for a four-piece band comprising of drums, keys, bass and a DJ.

Though many in the crowd wore Rocky’s colors – black and purple – the “Black and Yellow” star seemed to consistently pull louder cheers and sing-alongs with some dirty dancing in between. Both artists attempted at profound motivational speeches, but ultimately ended with demands of “tits out for the boys!” Lucky for them, they got their wish… classy.

Rocky followed up his “Melbourne knows how to party” statement with encouraging words to the crowd telling them to never let “old people” prevent them from creating art, whether it be rapping, painting or “smoking weed and f***ing all day.” Oh, those darn old people.  On the other hand, Khalifa opted for the “follow your dreams” bit, which quickly turned into a pro-marijuana rally and all its natural wonders.

A$AP Rocky can get a room pumped, no doubt, but I think it’s safe to say Wiz Khalifa won the rap battle of Melbourne 2014. Rocky may have better merchandise, but Wiz Khalifa has been a comparative veteran working bigger rooms for much longer, and the experience definitely showed.

(Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images)