Usher Embarks On Adventure Across Sahara Desert

1-3-2014 12-52-15 PM

Singer and entertainer, Usher Raymond, jetted off to Morocco after Christmas for his final adventure of the year and welcomed 2014 by soaking in the sun in the Sahara Desert of North Africa. Dressed in camouflage, plenty of scarves and traditional Arabian attire, the 35-year-old documented his adventures with pictures to his fans on Instagram.

Looks like Usher started his new year with a bang by crossing through his bucket list. One photo showed tents and a local family in the desert with the caption: “Slept in the Sahara… Check.” However, that’s not all Usher was able to mark off his to-do list! He indulged in the Arabian experience and rode a camel as the locals, who Usher noted were aware of his music, helped brace him for the heat of day and the chill of desert nights.

The musician urged his fans to spend more time learning about other cultures in the new year ahead. Check out this native serenade video of robe-clad Berber musicians performing under the stars. See more pictures below!