Kanye West-Themed Coin Launching Soon


A new digital currency has been inspired by rapper Kanye West will be lauching soon. Cleverly named “Coinye West”, it will be similar to already popular digital currency, Bitcoin.

Kanye West is constantly referring to himself as a god during his ego trips so it only seems right that idea originated from him, but surprisingly the idea did not originate from him at all. It was created by an anonymous group of financers who hope that “Yeezus” will back the idea.

“We’re really not sure how Kanye is gonna react to this. We hope he loves it, but if he doesn’t, he really isn’t someone we want to piss off,” the currency’s creators said in a Noisey interview.

The Coinye creators say they chose the rap star “because he is and always has been a trendsetter, and he’s always keeping things unique.” In the future they hope the new “crytocurrency” can be used to buy concert tickets amongst other ideas they have yet to reveal.

Coinye West is set to launch Jan. 11. Meanwhile, Kanye West has not responded with a reaction to the creation.

Click here to visit the official site.

(Photo by Coinye West Official Website)