Kobe Bryant Injured Again


Kobe Bryant is forced to leave his team again after suffering another injury. He is expected to miss six weeks with a fracture of the lateral tibial plateau in his left knee, the Los Angeles Lakers announced Thursday.

Bryant suffered the injury Tuesday night in the Lakers’ 96-92 victory over the Memphis Grizzlies.

Though the recovery sounds lengthy, CBS sports reports that the injure does not require any surgical procedures. It’s just a matter of allowing the bone to properly heal.

“All I can do is do the work. And do everything I can to be back at the highest level,” Bryant told ESPN. He later tweeted “#BrokenNotBeaten.”

The Lakers’ star point says he “hyperextended” his knee during a play in the third quarter, meaning he played the 4th quarter with the fracture in his knee.

Many were sad to hear the news of the five-time NBA champions injury. After news spread of the injury , Miami Heat star Lebron James tweeted, “Yo @kobebryant #Mamba get well soon homie.”

“It’s too bad,” Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni told reporters at the team’s practice Thursday about Bryant. “You hate it for Kobe. He worked so hard to get back. But he’ll be back. He’ll be back in six weeks, and we’ll deal with it and weather the storm until he gets back.”

Since Bryant’s return the Lakers have been 2-4. They entered Thursday’s play at 12-13 and 11th in the Western Conference.

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(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)