Congress May Be Welcoming First-Ever Black Female Republican In 2014

Congress may be welcoming their first-ever black female Republican, Mia Love, in 2014. Love is the mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah with a Mormon background. Representative Jim Matheson, a Democrat who currently represents the reddest district in America, is retiring.

A conservative website that published an interview with her said, “She is also one of the smartest congressional candidates, and can quote Frederick Bastiat with the ease of an economics professor.” Hopefully Love will also be an African-American woman who can cancel out the “media narratives” about the racist, NuvaRing-hating GOP.

Nonpartisan media were impressed too. When BuzzFeed‘s McKay Coppins interviewed Love, she asked him to put a fundraising button on the website. Why? Because Love said that “the time has come for us to no longer just stand on the sidelines and watch and see what happens.”

Utah Republicans said Love has been aggressively campaigning and fundraising for a strong performance for the state nominating convention on April 26. If she wins 60 percent of the locally elected delegates, Love will emerge with the nomination — as she did last cycle. Otherwise, the top two candidates with the most votes will face off on June 24 in a primary.