Video: Eminem and Rihanna in “The Monster” Teaser

12-16-2013 10-55-23 AM

Rihanna and Eminem released a preview to the upcoming music video “The Monster” in which the singer dons a figure-hugging black dress and poses as Eminem’s therapist in a dimly lit room. With nothing but the sounds of a metronome and Newton’s cradle in the background, RiRi puts in a DVD as the ‘8 Mile’ actor sits back and is forced to watch a video that embodies his struggles with violence, family, and addiction.

Eminem ponders as clips of violence, footage of his family and scenes of his addiction in 2005 played on the screen. The teaser video then cuts to two armed men with machine guns standing on guard to shoot whatever is inside a giant iron box.

“The Monster”… coming soon!

What’s inside the box is a mystery. Guess we’ll have to wait for the full video to find out. Watch the preview video below: