Kobe Bryant Grades Himself “F” In Return With Lakers


Kobe Bryant says he was “pleased” with the way his body responded in his first NBA game since tearing his Achilles tendon nearly eight months ago, but was very critical about his performance overall.

The returning shooting guard was his own biggest critic after the Los Angeles Lakers’ 106-94 loss to the Toronto Raptors. Finishing the game with  nine points, eight rebounds, four assists, two steals and eight turnovers in 28 minutes, Bryant graded his performance as an “F.”

“My rhythm is completely out of sync in terms of being able to read passing lanes and judge the timing of players in between those lanes and so forth,” Bryant said. “But I guess it’s a start. I guess a start is good.”

As hard as he is on himself, his teammates are happy just to have the 15-time All-Star back.

“We’re happy to have him back, and I think tonight was a very positive performance by him,” Pau Gasol said.

Despite the critical self-assessment, Bryant did find a silver lining in his returning performance.

“I feel very optimistic,” Bryant said. “Like, I know exactly what I need to do. So that part’s exciting.”

The Lakers star notes that he has some work ahead of him due to the injury, but he seems to be up for the challenge and excited to be back on the court.

“I think the last time I had eight months off I was still in the womb,” he said. “So it felt good to get out there.”

We are excited to see the progress and hopeful return of Kobe “Black Mamba” Bryant that everyone knows.

Watch the highlights below.

(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)