Diddy Opens Up About His Father To Arsenio Hall

12-3-2013 11-02-05 AM

Last night, Sean “Diddy” Combs sat down for an interview on Arsenio Hall’s new talk show to discuss everything from Ciroc to music being his first priority despite not putting out an album since 2006’s Press Play.

During the interview, Diddy gave a heartfelt reflection on the death of his father, Melvin Combs who was a colleague of the infamous Frank Lucas. Combs revealed that though his father was slain when he was only three years old, he only broke down  over the loss of his father five years ago. He explained the pain of growing up without a father saying, “Sometimes you feel like you can’t miss what wasn’t there, but when I needed to talk to an older man for some wisdom and guidance, it just broke me down, then I felt the loss.”

Diddy went on to talk about raising his own six children.

Check out the interview below.