Queen Latifah Sets The Record Straight About Her Mom And Her Health

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Multitalented talk show host, Queen Latifah dispelled the rumor that her mother is battling lung cancer and talked about her first mammogram with The New York Daily News.

Last month, The National Inquirer ran a story claiming that Rita Owens, Latifah’s mother, was fighting a losing battle against lung cancer. Queen Latifah told NY Daily News’ Confident@l, “That report in the National Enquirer is completely incorrect. My mother’s not fighting lung cancer. That’s why you can’t believe the s— you read, excuse my language.”

The 43-year-old assured the paper that not only is her mother doing well, but she is also doing great and taking a more active role in her own health.

After speaking with a guest on her show who was inspired by Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy to get her own, Queen Latifah hopped on the phone and scheduled her first mammogram. “I got a mammogram on Friday, the first one I’ve ever got, and I was scheduled to do this a long time ago and then got an appointment and then work was so that it got away from me,” she said.

Queen Latifah feels that by sharing her experience with the public, she can show women that no matter their schedule, you cna never be too busy to take care of you. “I shared it was because I felt that other people had busy schedules and let something important like that just get away from them,” she explained.

(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)