Akon Says No To Monogamy And Yes To Polygamy


Akon has sparked controversy by arguing that monogamous relationships are unrealistic for men and polygamy is the better option.

The hip hop star, who is rumored to have five wives, spoke with TMZ about his relationship views.

“I think that if America adapted that culture [polygamy] there would be less domestic disputes,” he argues. “The average guy in the world has a main girl and a side chick. Then they have a jumpoff.”

He also added:”[If] you find that one woman that supplies everything that you desire in a woman, of course that will be a motivation to stick with that one woman, but I don’t know one woman that can satisfy a man’s every need. It’s impossible.”

Akon  rose to stardom following the release of “Locked Up”, the first single from his debut album Trouble in 2004. He has has five Grammy Award Nominations and has produced hits for artists such as T-Pain, Lady Gaga and Leona Lewis.

Watch Akon talk about relationships below:

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(Photo Credit: PRN / PRPhotos.com)