Kandi Burruss Reveals Why She Halted Wedding Plans


Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Kandi Buruss, recently opened up about the ways her mother’s lack of support is delaying her wedding plans.

The Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter told ABC News Radio, “I haven’t decided yet if I want something that’s small and just us or if we  wanted to do something bigger and invite people.  What was stopping me from  even planning is the fact that my mom is not being supportive. It’s like, okay do I really want to have a wedding and my mom may not show up or  if she does show up she’s going to be mean and negative?”

The former Xscape singer said that her mother, Joyce Jones,  has no reason to dislike her fiancé, television producer Todd Tucker, but she does have an idea of when the issue began. Oddly enough, Burruss credits daytime TV host Wendy Williams with her mother’s feelings, “Last year when Wendy Williams was commenting on our show every week and she was  like, ‘[Tucker’s] an opportunist.  I think he’s an opportunist.’  Next  thing I know, my momma comes back and is like, ‘Wendy said that he was an opportunist.'”

With or without her mom’s support, Burruss believes she’s found her match in Tucker and she has no plans on letting him go, “He’s very intelligent.  He’s a leader.  He’s not the type that’s going to try and tell me what to do, but he’s great at  helping guide me in a way.  And I think that I need a man that’s just as  strong so he can deal with me because…I can be a little strong.”

Burruss and Tucker became engaged on New Year’s Day earlier this year. The two first met while shooting Real Housewives of Atlanta during 2011 while Tucker was a behind-the-scenes producer for the show.

(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Cirque du Soleil)