Terry Crews Discusses NFL Bullying With Arsenio Hall

11-11-2013 3-10-37 PM

Former NFL player, Terry Crews, speaks out about the reality of bullying behind the Richie Incognito/Jonathan Martin scandal.

He describes the NFL as a “jail with money” when speaking with Arsenio on his television talk series “The Arsenio Hall Show.” Terry said that it is a “total culture of intimidation, humiliation and violence” that keeps players under control. He elaborates on the concept of bullying with a personal story from childhood that still touches a sensitive spot.

“The moment the NFL doesn’t have control over you anymore is when you realize ‘I can walk away’ and that’s what he [Jonathan Martin] realized,” said Terry when explaining the behind-the-scenes humor among players. “He did the smart move and got away,” he added.

Terry also says that anyone who is being abused, whether it be at work or by friends, can always choose the option to leave.

Watch the video below to hear Terry Crews recall a childhood experience that taught him move on from a bad situation.