Ray Lewis And 15 NFL Players Sue BB&T Bank For $60 Million


Ray Lewis as well as 15 other former NFL players have filed a lawsuit against BB&T wanting $60 million from the banking giant. Lewis is claiming the bank — through one of its business partners — lost $3.778 million of the his money.

According to CBS Baltimore, the lawsuit alleges people connected with the bank literally forged athletes’ signatures and made millions in unauthorized withdrawals and transactions. The suit alleges a bank, acquired by BB&T, allowed former financial adviser Jeff Rubin and his employees to open accounts in the athletes’ names.

Attorney Andrew Kagan stated that documents were signed, “Without powers of attorney, without authorization and clearly forged. They were using this account to wire money in and out to different things that Jeff wanted to.”

BB&T quickly issued a statement, saying:

“While we have not had the opportunity to review the allegations in detail, we understand this case concerns actions taken by Bank Atlantic prior to its acquisition by BB&T in 2012. Because this is pending litigation, we cannot comment further.”

Other players in the suit include Former 49ers running back Frank Gore, Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes and Redskins safety Brandon Meriweather.  Whelp, I guess we can safely say BB&T will not be the official banking sponsor of the Super Bowl anytime soon.