Diddy Changes His Own Birthday Date


(Via REVOLTTV.com)

November 4 is… well was Bad Boy CEO Diddy’s  birthday, but with all the hard work leading up to last month’s launch of REVOLT TV, multimedia mogul just doesn’t feel ready to celebrate. He’s so unprepared that he has officially decided to push back his birth date (for this year only) from Nov 4 to Nov 16.

“I’m tired, I’ve been working on the network for two years, I need a haircut—my barber’s out the country–I need to work out, I need to go see the dentist to get my teeth cleaned,” says Diddy. “Why I’m doing this is not a publicity stunt, I just want to change my birthday because I’m Diddy and I’m like the Black Unicorn, lion, tiger, bear and I could do whatever I wanna do.”

We are not even going to hate on his decision, when you’re Diddy you can pretty much do anything anyway. We’ll just hold off wishing him a Happy Birthday for another two weeks.

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for MGM Resorts International)