Suge Knight Says Tupac Needs Walk Of Fame Star


Suge Knight has had a less than favorable reputation in the hip hop community over the years. A big part of villainous reputation is his rumored role in the death of legendary west coast rapper Tupac Shakur. His alleged involvement may never be proven, but Knight does not seem to be against Tupac in a recent interview with a TMZ cameraman as he argues that Tupac needs a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

“I think Tupac should have a star on there,” he told TMZ cameraman. “I mean, s**t, Puffy got a star on there. Only thing he did was dance. So I think Tupac definitely should have one for being from the West Coast.”

He also hints towards possible consequences if it does not happen. He does so in a somewhat joking manner.

“Yeah, they better do it one way the other. Because, I figure, if they don’t hurry up and put Tupac on the Walk of Fame, all the Tupac fans and all the homies gonna start goin’ down there and start scratchin’ all the other names off. They might even remove Elvis.”

In the interview Knight also compared Co-Founder of Interscope Records Jimmy Iovine to a member of KuKlux Klan.

Suge Knight rose to fame as former Death Row CEO and signing artists including Snoop Doggy Dog (who now goes by Snoop Lion) and Tupac Shakur. Knight was with Shakur the night of 1996 Las Vegas shooting that killed the rapper.

Watch the video below.

(Photo Credit: Chad Buchanan/Getty Images for Moet USA)