Ne-Yo Walks Out On An $800 Bill


Grammy Award winning singer, songwriter and producer, Ne-Yo, allegedly walked out on an $800 tab after night out with friends in New York’s West Village.

The “Let Me Love You” hitmaker, along with 10 pals including his manager Jayvon Smith, indulged in several plates of food and kept the cocktails flowing at West-Indian eatery Negril Village. When it came time to settle the matter of payment, witnesses say the waitress was specifically asked if everyone was on one check to which Ne-Yo said “yes.” From there things get murky with witnesses saying the bill was passed around the table before being ultimately left on the table without cash.

Hopefully this was a simple case of confusion and an honest mistake after one too many Grey Goose cocktails.

(Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)