Conrad Murray Sues To Regain Medical License


The Texas doctor convicted for involuntary manslaughter in the death of pop superstar Michael Jackson is suing the state of Texas in an attempt to regain his medical license.

After serving less than two years for the death of Jackson, Conrad Murray was released from a California jail this week.

Murray  filed the lawsuit three days before he was freed claiming that the Texas Medical Board revoked his license prematurely and claims that the revocation of his Texas license could give Cali.

According to court docs filed by Murray in Texas, he claims he is more than $400,000 in debt and needs his medical license back so he can earn a living. His attorney also says that the cardiologist has former patients that are eager for him to work again.

“Anybody who wants to work in this country ought to be able to have the right to do so. Dr. Murray is like everyone else, in that he needs to be able to do his line of work,” said Charles Peckham, Murray’s attorney.

Murray was convicted of being the cause of Jackson’s death in 2009 by providing him with the powerful anesthetic propofol which lead to the singer’s overdose. Jackson was preparing for his “This Is It” tour at the time.

In 2011 Murray was sentenced to four years in prison for his involuntary manslaughter conviction. He served less than two years at the Jackson family’s dismay.

Brian Panish, an attorney for the Jackson family, has said Murray should not have “a chance to hurt anyone else” by practicing medicine.

(Photo Credit:Mario Anzuoni-Pool/Getty Images)